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Q. Is there any cost to the program?

A. There is no cost to the program. It is 100% free providing you are approved and accepted into the program.

Q. Who may apply?

A. If you are receiving Food Stamps, Welfare or Social Security (if this is your only form of income)  you may apply.

Q. Is this available anywhere?

A. The program is available to all citizens of the United States.

Q. My pet is on a special diet; can I get specific food?

A. The pet food available is listed at http://www.petflow.com

Q. How many pets may I receive food for?

A. Each member is assessed individually.

Q. I have applied but have not heard anything yet. When will I be contacted?

A. Due to the thousands of applications received per day, it will take up to 8 weeks to receive a response.
(Update) The response time has been revised to ” An Extended Wait” to reflect inadequate staff & funding. As the program increases it’s capacity and ability applicants will be responded to in a more timely fashion. Please check your spam folders and other email accounts as our correspondence may end up in these places.

Q. How is this program possible?

A. The Pet Food Stamps Program is made possible through individual donations and grants. It is not a Government sponsored program.

Q. Is Pet Food Stamps a legal charity?

A. Pet Food Stamps is an registered NYS, 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation.

Q. Is my donation tax-deductible.?

A. The Pet Food Stamps program is an approved NYS,  non-profit corporation;(Tax ID # 46-2066625) All donations and grants are tax-deductible.

Q. I sent an email or left a phone message and was never contacted. Why?

A. We are a small staff and receive a tremendous amount of calls and letters per day and are not able to respond promptly. We ask for your patience.

Q. Do you only provide for dogs and cats?

A. Right now we only provide for dogs and cats. We hope to add more animals in the future.

Q. How can I help?

A. The best way is to make a financial contribution here: https://petfoodstamps.org/donation

Q: Is the pet social network application supported by all devices?

A: No, currently the application works bug-free only on a computer – all browsers are supported. Unexpected behavior may be observed on any mobile device.

Q: Is the information and files I submit to the pet social network secure?

A: Yes 100%! We use SSL protocol (https) to ensure encrypted transfer of information to and from our site and we also restrict access to your files so that only pet food stamps staff and you can see them.

Q: What is the purpose of the Pet Social Network (PSN) application?

A: The PSN is designed to connect donors to the program with the pets their donation is going to feed via photos, videos and text and allow interaction between donor and recipient. The donor has the ability to opt in to the program. Providing the recipient has access to a computer it is mandatory. Members must post at least 3 photos per week in the Pet Social Network to continue receiving pet food shipments.

Q: How do pet owners apply?

A: If you like to register for the program and receive pet food stamps you must create an account and profile for yourself and your pet. You do this by clicking on signup on the top of the homepage. Go to the signup form and fill out all required fields. You can submit your award letter of benefits (statement from the agency providing your benefits that you currently receive funds)  and state id photocopy (with picture and address) at signup, or later from your profile page.

Q: What is the donator’s “personal bank”?

A: The personal bank is the amount of money a donator has inside the pet social network. This is not real money, it is a reflection of the money one has donated or “virtual money”. For example: if you are a first time donator and you donate $20 and then register to the system, you will have $20 in your personal bank. If you donate another $20 and log in to the system after your donation is processed, you will now have $40, and so on. Please note that if you donate and you do not log in (or register if it is your first time), there is no way for us to register the donation and add the money to your personal bank. The money from the personal bank can be used to open connections to animals. Currently every $20 gives you 30 days to follow a pet.


A: Every member of the Pet Social Network has a “YOUR CONENCTIONS” screen. However, connections can only be opened by donators! If you are a pet owner, you will see a notification in your connections menu if a donator picked your pet to follow. You will also be notified via E-Mail. Then you will see the connection when you click on “YOUR CONNECTIONS”. Once you click on the connection (which is represented by the profile images of you, your pet and the donator) you will be able to write comments, submit pictures or youtube videos and so will be the donator.

If you are a donator – to open a connection you will have the ability to “BROWSE PETS”. This option will take you on a screen where you will be able to review and open a connection with any of the next 10 animals in line. Remember that you will have to have enough funds in your personal bank to open a connection with a pet.

Q: I am a Pet Owner, how do I add my pets?

A: When you log in as a pet owner, you have to first click on “YOUR PETS” in order to enable the “ADD PET” option, which appears right next to it. Once you click on “ADD PET” you will have to fill out the form with all required information. You will not be able to submit pictures of your pet until you initially save your new pet profile. After you save your pet’s profile, it will appear under your pets’ list. Click on it and now you will be able to browse and upload pictures – just look at the top right corner of your pet’s profile window to locate the upload field and button.

Q: I am trying to upload images, but I can’t. Why?

A: There are few reasons why your file upload might not work:

1. You are using a mobile device – the application’s interface is not yet fully supported by mobile devices.

2. You are exceeding the maximum file size which is 2MB – we strictly check for the maximum size not to be exceeded.

3. Your file does not match the allowed file types – under each file upload file we have strictly announced what file types can be submitted. Please try to adhere to these restrictions.

Q: Why can we only add cats and dogs?

A: At the moment we can only provide pet food for cats and dogs.

Q: It says my connection is frozen, what is this or what is a “grace period”?

A: When the connection expires (the time a donator “paid” for elapsed) it does not close automatically. Instead every connection has a “grace period”. This is the time when the donator can extend the connection and keep staying in touch with the pet and the owner. Currently the grace period is 30 days. In this time a connection can also be broken or extended. Please note that during the grace period nobody can post any comments.

Q: Can a connection be extended?

A: Yes. Within the grace period (see the above question)  the donator can extend the connection.

Q: I signed up but never received my password.

A: All passwords are sent immediately once submitted. If you did not receive it, please check your spam. You are able to change your password once in your account.

Q: Do I need to put up my photo for my personal profile and who will see it?

A: You must put up a real photo of yourself so it can be matched to your submitted photo ID. Your profile will only be seen by PFS administrators unless you allow the donor who is paying for your pets food to see it in the Pet Social Network. You control these options within your account profile.

Q: I can’t click my link when I get my activation E-Mail?

A: If you received the activation email as spam, you will not be able to click on the link due to E-Mail client security precautions. Please move the E-mail to your Inbox, mark as safe and you will be able to then click on the link.