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ABC News
  • Food stamps for pets: are they needed? When times are tough people rely on food stamps. But what about food stamps for pets? Watch video
  • Food stamps for pets A new program for low-income families is offering ‘food stamps’ for pets, but it’s not a program from the federal government. Watch video
  • Food Stamps For Pets A non-profit program, called Pet Food Stamps, aims to help low-income families, nationwide, currently having problems keeping the kibble-bowl full. Watch video
  • Food Stamps … For Pets? A new donation-based program called Pet Food Stamps aims to provide food stamps for pets of low-income families and for food stamp recipients who otherwise could not afford to feed their pets, reported ABC affiliate KVIA in Las Cruces, N.M. Watch video
  • What Are Pet Food Stamps? Several years ago, a friend of Marc Okon’s told him that she was having financial difficulties and was receiving food stamps. “She told me she sometimes feeds her cat before herself and goes without eating,” he said in an interview with ABC/Univision. “I felt horrible, and the term ‘pet food stamps’ entered my mind. It ...
ABC-7 News
  • Food Stamps For Your Pet? “Pet Food Stamps.” It’s a new program out there, that’s designed to help low income families feed and keep their animals during difficult times. It’s not like the government funded food assistance program for people. This so called “pet food stamps” program is strictly donations based. Read more
  • Food Stamps for Pets A new donation-based program is aiming to provide food stamps for pets of low income families who may not be able to afford to feed their pets. Watch video
  • Pet Food Stamps A new national program launched in February 2013 takes my hometown grass roots pet food idea to a logical next step. People needing help turn to assistance programs such as Food Stamps—but are not allowed to purchase pet food or pet care items with food stamps. So instead, a visionary gentleman launched PET FOOD STAMPS ...
CBS News Christian Post Christian Science Monitor Click Orlando Discovery
  • Food Stamps, Now for Pets A new program called “Pet Food Stamps” aims to provide free monthly home delivery of pet food and other necessary pet supplies to owners receiving food stamps or who are below the poverty line. Read more
Examiner Fox News Channel Global Post Huffington Post Mother Nature MSN
  • Struggling families can now apply for nonprofit’s Pet Food Stamps Although the government has offered food stamps to struggling Americans for decades, there haven’t been any provisions for their four-legged family members. Until now. Marc Okon has launched Pet Food Stamps, a New York-based nonprofit that will give qualifying pet owners throughout the U.S. (who must be receiving government assistance for themselves) funds to buy ...
  • Food stamps for Fido? Program helps needy families feed pets With more than 46 million Americans currently on food stamp assistance, the newly-created “Pet Food Stamps” program aims to help people who are struggling financially to feed their pets. Based in New York City, the donation-based program’s status as a non-profit is pending. The program, which is not affiliated with the federal government, is available ...
  • Pet owners praise idea of Pet Food Stamps When the recession hit a few years ago, many people were forced to give up their pets because they could not afford to take care of them any more. A new non-profit called Pet Food Stamps aims to fix that. Read more
Newsmax PetSide
  • Pet Food Stamp Program Debuts The Federal food stamp program is a godsend for people whose income level qualifies them for financial assistance so they can get back on their feet. But since food stamps exclude the cost of pet food or pet supplies, what is to become of the fur-family members whose guardians have been struck by hard times, ...
The Blaze The Daily Caller
  • Scooby SNAPs: New York organization offers ‘Pet Food Stamps’ The number of people in America on food stamps remains at an all-time high, and now a new program is allowing Fido, Garfield and their peers to get in on the goods. While the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a federal program administered by the states, Pet Food Stamps is a New York-based nonprofit that ...
The Epoch Times
  • Food Stamps for Pets Program Signs 45,000 People in Two Weeks Food stamps for pets will be handed out to low-income people by a New York-based organization in the near future. The pet food stamp program will be open to anyone in the United States. Read more
  • ASPCA Defends Pet Food Stamps Pet Food Stamps, a new non-profit based in New York City, is offering assistance to tens of thousands of low-income pet owners across the nation. The program has garnered some criticism: Some believe that being able to afford pet food with assistance will not help pay for shots, neutering, and other pet-related expenses, while some are ...
  • Food Stamps for Pets Program Signs 45,000 People in Two Weeks Food stamps for pets will be handed out to low-income people by a New York-based organization in the near future. The pet food stamp program will be open to anyone in the United States. Read more
The Wall Street Journal
  • Pets on Food Stamps Marc Okon, who has worked as a stockbroker, entrepreneur and business consultant, has a friend from his old neighborhood in Bayside, Queens, N.Y. He’s known her since age 10. Her parents died. She fell on hard times. And the economy hasn’t come back for her yet. Read more